Cancellation of Skill lync course and Eduvanz Emi

Name of Complainant srikanya
Date of ComplaintFebruary 22, 2023
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Category of complaint Education
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Text of Complaint by srikanya:

My name is Srikanya. In May 2022 I got a call from Shivshankar, He Explained me all about the course. That time I told him I can’t do the Course with this much up of Amount and he offered me 165000 and after 6 months payment I will Receive a 30000 Return. And whenever I want to stop the course, I can do the course cancellation. After all this I requested Him, I Will take this Course Next year, but they not accepted and continuously called me. In June 2022 I’ve enrolled for a Post Graduate Program in Electric Vehicle Design & Development course on Skill Lync a edtech company.
I have paid Rs 5000/- as registration fees and I was informed about 22 months EMI of Rs. 7500/month for 22 months. After that I followed every procedure of Eduvanz (loan partner of skill Lync). When I did the all-loan procedure from eduvanz where I signed a e-NACH mandate.
Provided them Adhar card, pan card and e-NACH mandate signature on their form and submitted online.

Till the end of Dec 2022. I was a working in a company and so thought of doing this course as I can manage 7500 EMI.
But unfortunately, I lost my job due to Family issue. so, I was left with only one option i.e. cancelling the course.

I tried to request it from Akash He is my Relationship manager. He told me to create and raise a ticket regarding of the Cancellation course & give me a mail regarding of the cancellation.
So, I raised tickets on skill Lync support system, but it seems they are not willing to help and repeatedly saying cancellation is not possible. After 5 Days of Raising Ticket, I get a call from Kancha from Customer service team, but she denied by saying cancellation policy is not available etc.
And she Told me arrange the money from somewhere and start the Course. I Requested her it will not Posible for me to arrange money. Because I don’t have any job and Family support. I have only one option is cancelling the course.
Note: Terms and conditions of skill Lync where the policy is like: All course purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE on any type of payments made including, whether pre-booking, instalments or full payments.
Kindly help me to cancel the course and EMI. Then only I can leave with peace. Because the eduvanz people are calling me frequently and asking to pay the EMI.
They are continuously calling me for EMI and harassing me by saying our executive will visit your residential address for collection etc.
It is very difficult to earn a livelihood. I’m jobless so I cannot do this course anymore. Please cancel my course, if EMI executive will Visit My Resides, I will get huge problem.
Kindly help to sort out this problem.

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8 thoughts on “Cancellation of Skill lync course and Eduvanz Emi

  1. I Raised the request from 22 Feb 2023 it is more than 7 days happen up to now I’m not received any solution from the skill Lync. I am Requesting you to solve the problem As soon as possible. Because now March Month is starting again the Eduvanz team is going to start the call and Message torcher.

      1. It’s been 1 year since I told them to cancel the course. they are forcing it through the throat.

  2. Hi Srikanya, we want to help resolve any issues you may have encountered and ensure a positive learning experience for you. A team member will contact you shortly.

    1. Please clear my Problem As soon as possible. I’m getting too much of pressure because of this EMI calls and Messages. I need Relief from this Tensions.

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