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Name of Complainant Muhammad Tariq Tariq
Date of ComplaintMarch 28, 2024
Name(s) of companies complained against ,
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Muhammad Tariq Tariq:

I was contacted by the WhatsApp number +212 608-158463 a day ago. Refering to a company partnership (now I feel they were lying) . They ask me to like and write some commnents on google website for Rs.300 as a demo. Then that WhatsApp number asked me to contact on telegram with receptionist (Darcy) [ @Darcy5988]. Initially they gave me some task related to online voting. Tasking was assigned by the Merchant group (https://t.me/+f-9gd8Hzh6I3ZDgy). And the payment procedure was carried out by the Teacher Abner (@Abner). At start they paid Rs.300 for every 3 tasks. After 5 tasks they asked to deposit two Account .in one account Rs. 4000 to Sada pay account no 13431835397 (account holder AZAQA FIAZ) and another Deposit sada Pay Rs 8000 account no ( 13404754493) Account holder name( Muhammad Waris) after this they asked me to deposit Rs.36000 more to another Sada pay but i d’nt deposit and it will be increased by 40%. After this they are not responding at all. My total Rs.12000 is total in waste now. C-finance website is showing my balance Rs.16700 but I can’t withdraw the money.

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3 thoughts on “C-Finance, lianax.top

  1. Same Problem I faced two days ago
    At the start 4000 Then 36000 then they asked me for 74000

    I was sent all the payments
    Then they said suddenly two more tasks deposits again more 195600
    Then after some time, they said 6 lac 20k more last tasks
    after this, you will be refunded back
    I was not done last payment
    I felt scammed after 74000 payment done
    because they send maa all bank details different everytime

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