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Name of Complainant Baishakhee Chakraborty
Date of ComplaintSeptember 28, 2020
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Cyber Crime
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Text of Complaint by Baishakhee Chakraborty:

On 21 September I got a call on my phone regarding 560 forms filling up in 6 days. They were paying Rs. 35/ form.

I decided to give it a go and they asked for a verification id for which I sent a scanned copy of my Aadhar card.

I was sent a pdf file regarding the job too, where it was written that if we could not complete the work within 6 days or the quality rate is less than 90% then an amount of Rs 4600 will be deducted from the salary.

As a verification call, a woman called up and went on about the above condition and about logging out and logging in.

The next day I started working and had completed around 120 forms. All of a sudden, the form page got redirected to the login page, and when I tried to login, a dialog box appeared saying that my account has been blocked for multiple logins.

I took up the issue and mailed about it to the support team. But instead of helping me out, they went on about how it was my fault and that this was an illegal activity and that I have to pay Rs. 7999 for this.

I refused immediately saying that this was done from the backend and he started shouting, harassing and threatening me. I said it was not possible for me to pay the amount and he said then you can leave by paying Rs. 4600 and that a lawyer would contact me for NOC process.

To put an end to this issue I decided to pay Rs. 4600 and get over with it.

Today, a person named Rajendra Thakur called me up saying he was the lawyer who was going to process the NOC and that I would have to appear in front of Gujarat Court on 26 Sep and that they had sent me a charge sheet from the court for the same.I saw that they were charging Rs. 24089 as charge sheet charge. I said it was not possible for me to either pay so much money or to go to gujarat during this Covid situation. He started threatening me with FIR and police after hearing this and continued to put pressure on me. He said if you don’t pay me within 12:30 pm he was going to decline my NOC and file an FIR against me. When I said how is it possible for me to pay such a huge amount and how did this amount to such an amount then he said then I am going to take this up with the cyber cell and contact Arnab Chatterjee who based in Kolkata and that my career will be in shambles.

Me and my family members thought it would be better to pay them off to settle this for once and for all. So I used my savings to pay them off.

Since they were threatening so much and put so much time constraint we couldn’t even do a background or Google check on either the lawyer or anything. Now after searching for the lawyer I came up on others also being harassed the same way. Except I did pay fearing FIR, police and my career.

Please help me out by teaching them a lesson and putting them behind bars.

I lost all my savings due to this!

Image Uploaded by Baishakhee Chakraborty:

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