Bad Quality of Training

Name of Complainant SANJIB
Date of ComplaintMarch 23, 2023
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Category of complaint Education
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Text of Complaint by SANJIB:

1) Pi Spark is a very importent concept and i do not think the current instructor allocated for this course is right fit for that.
Most of the time he’s having network issue. Voice breaks off badly from day1 from trainer side; when we the students complain de does not care about that and instead keep on telling us to rejoin.
Voice breaking happened for multiple Students.

2) Instructor is not clear on the concepts of the topics covered, he keeps on saying the same article again and again. Within 3 Hours of time time around 30minutes get wasted everyday. He keeps on mute all the participents so it’s become very difficult to raise any concern. He said on the call that Sharing Screen of a student is not possible, where my earlier edureka isntructor was able to do the same.

Traiener does not undertand or allow a student to speak on the doubts.

Today he started teaching scoop and using it for loading data into RDD; Which is not part of the cource; he was suppose to be using pi spark.

I am stopping my class now. Request you to look into this on priority and allocate me the same course with another trainer (current Trainer name is Venugopal) and till then please disable my LAB and provide a recoreded session of a good trainer.

Kinldy go though the recording to validate my above statements or request some of your member to join one of the session to experience the same.

I have taken edureka classes earlier but i am facing this issue first time. The Last trainer was very good in technical and teaching terms.

I am not getting any response from Edureka; post Creating Ticket. They are closing the ticket again and again.
I have requested them to refund in case if they are not able to provide any service.

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Bad Quality of Training

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