Baby cow productions-cineworld scam

Name of Complainant Sumera Hussain
Date of ComplaintMay 22, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Cyber Crime
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Text of Complaint by Sumera Hussain:

I also had someone message me with regards to working from home part time doing surveys on behalf of cineworld. It only takes 20 minutes of your day and your only doing surveys for which you will get paid for. At first they put 188 in the account once signed up and with that you start doing surveys. 30 tickets for movies then what ever you accumulate in balance you can withdraw to a kucoin account. By day 3 was advised to pay in £50 as hit Premium ticket. 3 sets of 30 tasks and after each set of 30 speak to customer service which will reset the next 30 for you. By day 4 whilst doing 1st task hit Premium ticket and asked to pay £300! Whilst on same task then asked to pay £730. Not paid they keep pestering. Need to get my money back

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  1. Hello, the same thing happened to me! I got sucked in and at day 4 kept topping up money to complete the premium ticket which then went to £2,888! I cant believe i actually fell for this scam.

    1. I reported them to action fraud – crime ref NFRC230-806-096-661
      please cal action fraud – quote this crime ref no. the more everyone reports it then they can hopefully investigate – 0300 123 2040
      take screen shots, contact numbers etc…

    2. Me too Nathan I just got caught for 4000 I put 60 udst in and 88 tickets later hit with a 5th premium as they call it for just under 10000 usdt. I should have seen this coming but in these times desperation etc the support and sposor are trying to get me to now pay 50% what a complete waste of time and money too easy and good to be true that waht they say for every scam

  2. Omg you got even more sucked in then i did, im sorry this happened to u, we deffo need to bring more awareness to this scam!

  3. Same happened to me; someone message me a girl called Amelia W (who knows if it was her true name) inviting me to work and promising more than £300 day. I started been transferred to another girl called Elizabeth to scam you more. They give you bit of money on crypto site like $15 to start and then you starts rating movies then they will ask to top it up to their platform sucking you more and more in red and promising that all be returned plus bonuses and commission. I paid the first 300 and then they asked for $395 which I paid then minutes later they asked to top up by $900 which then I stopped then. This is a pure scam and bunch of thieves trying to be nice and calling you dear and darling you will get all your money back and all the money is in your account etc. Lost more than £500 and God if I did continue would have lost 1000s’ . After the few payments when I reached more that £200 of top up payment, I should have stopped but put above them more than £300 stupidly hoping for the best

    1. Yup, same here, they asked for a £506 top up, I was starting to get suspicious, I then did some digging and found these comments in the nick of time. I did get a couple of payouts totalling 175 which have limited my losses to a couple hundred of quid. It reaked of scam but you get sucked in and seems genuine, especially when you get money back in your bank account. Pleased I stopped, and not sent the 500, lesson learned.

  4. Just had the same, was suspicious of the names and company as they didn’t match, then decided to google Cineworld scam and found this, luckily didn’t get as far as rating a movie. Thank you for posting!

  5. Same situation, identical. They let you earn a bit, hook you, make you believe it’s true. They don’t explain properly when you ask about premium tickets or what amount you can expect when you get perium ticket and you have to top up, becouse if you don’t top up you can’t finish task and withdraw your money. I asked how many premium tickets you can get in 1 task, my agent told me the max is 3. On day 5 I got a bonus in my account, when they sucked up all my money to top up 3 times. I GOT 4 premium tickets in 1 task, surprise, surprise and amount was 3515 usdt. When I asked my agent how it’s happening. She said sorry you waited too long, you have to top up immediately and she was so nice she even offered to land me 1000usdt lol. And all fake people in VIP chat group with profile pics in London next to evil eye, telling you have to finish your task. When I asked if anyone can show proof of any big amount withdraw, it was quiet and there was no response.
    I knew its scam from day one, you get message from random person on WhatsApp who offers u easy money, but I decided to see how far they can go, I even showed them this complaint site and they told me they trying to sort it out. So basically they will have any answer in any your question and all around just finish your task and you can withdraw.

    Best to finish with some profit on day 3-4,on day 3 I got 2 premium tickets I did top up and got 330 profit, probably they checked my limits, day 4 no premium tickets and day 5 full of surprises. So run away before day 5. On day 5 I placed small deposit, but they gave bonus and this way top up amount was quite high then usual and every new ticket grows bigger and bigger, so on 4 premium ticket amount was 3515 usdt lol.

    Super smart SCAM. You can blame just your self to get in they traps. Expensive experience for me, don’t trust anyone in this word.
    P. S. Free cheese just in mouse trap.

    1. Hi, did you try to finish your tickets on one round and then you could not withdraw the money? Are those people in VIP are all fake?

      1. All fake!!! I got to day 4 and you need thousands of pounds for premium tickets !! I’m not sure at what point they take your money but mine has gone because I didn’t have £3000 to pay in and get my money out

      2. Hi Mo,
        As I said I have finished mine 2 months ago and I am still waiting or hoping for my money to be released and the withdrawal is in pending status. That has happened at my 5th round.

    2. Oh my god! I shy to say how much I put in there! I’ve got my money stuck in there from over a month now! 4th day 5 premium tickets! You are telling me that if I’m able to complete the task I won’t be able to withdraw all my money back??? Please help!!!

      1. I wouldn’t put Aby more money in there what so ever you need to report to your bank it’s a scam and fraud action

      2. You cannot withdraw your money and you will not be able to complete the task whatever money you put, it is seemingly lost. They are crooks. Have you ever asked yourself, how can you review movies if you did not watch them

  6. I got sucked in too! Day 4 4 premiums I couldn’t pay the top out to get money back they also offered me help but surprise surprise her Skrill account was disabled! I can’t believe they put together this whole network of people ! I’m so disappointed in myself! Any one have luck with there banks recovering the money? I feel sick to the stomach

  7. Hi all,

    Is there anyways that we could recover our money from them? Did anyone here finished their final stupid premium ticket to see whether the platform block them from withdrawal their money? I’m the previous days with smaller money, they indeed paid back but wondering whether anyone actually received any larger money back to their account? Wondering whether the scammer might have hopping to even get more money in the following days. Any experience and advice would be very helpful.


  8. I’ve done the same! I’m on ticket 29 and it says I’ll get £17,828!! They want £9,818! I’ve paid £8000 to them! I feel like a stupid human ! Can’t believe I fell for it

      1. Hi Chloe,

        I was paying them via crypto currency to them and I am not sure if I could do anything to ask the crypto to return this. Anyone has any idea on this?

        Did these scamers also accepted the bank transfer?


      1. Hi Chloe,

        Thanks for the prompt response. Even if you transfer from your bank account to your own crypto first, would the bank help to refund in these scenarios?

      2. Hi Mo I have no idea at this point the bank is investigating mine at the min. Luckily due to unusual activity they manage to stop the last payment but investigation happening to see if they can recover the rest. İ am still in VIP just whilst it’s being investigated I’ve sent them all customer service numbers too. I can let you know outcome when I have one but you must report it it’s awful what they are doing

      3. Hi guys,
        I am caught as well with 51359 USDT bank and private debts after 6 premiums in a single round.
        Once I have paid all the premiums, finished the round and requested to withdraw, came in play 20% top-up request for withdrawing more than 20k (I paid it), then another rule of 30% top-up request for having paid the single round with multiple crypto accounts (I paid it), Then the same last paid amount needed a second time for “amount mismatch” (I paid it), then the same amount requested for docking problems, but no more lender to borrow from for affordability and all my friends avoid me now; I cannot even provide my family properly, but they don’t care at all. All I receive from them no matter what I say is the mantra “you must pay then you will receive all your money back” or even insulting as my job is done but I am being told “As soon as you’ve done your job, you’ll be able to withdraw your pay in full” just like I haven’t done my job yet.
        So currently all my salary is going in paying back loans I cannot use, so that even the food and all the rent are paid with the overdraft; seeing my account going minus on the first of the month, that the joy from that platform.

  9. I had some randomers text me on whatsapp about making £1400-1600 a week….my arse more like it. Want to know something…..first lady named Luna Evans from “Cineworld” said: your details we got were from a database on our systems. Yet didn’t know my name…. I explained to them how they’re a scam and won’t like what i have to say…..they were scared shitless after i explained to both bitches (Luna & Milly) after the explanation, they blocked me on whatsapp…that’s what they deserve for talking utter shit. Who tf earns £1400-£1600 a week from doing reviews. Utter bollocks. Hahahah.

  10. Oh gosh, can’t believe I have the same story. On day 5 i started with 300 and kept getting sucked in. Was told no more premium tickets left so pay 4000 and get all your money back which I stupidly did! Stuck on ticket 29 of course with -18000. They asked me to pay 10000 to get the entire 18000. Yesterday they contacted me again and said pay 1000 and you can have your full initial refund , a total of 8000 including the 1000. I didnt see this group yet and ended up paying, they said system can’t issue refund, pay another 4800 and all the money is yours. I am so angry at myself, drowned all of my savings for a year, down by 6500gbp. I’m on if there’s a way we can get this scumbags.

    1. Hi Cookie, OMG. Thanks for sharing here. Did they reset the premium ticket after you paid them, for you to reach 30 tickets? I am just curious what will happen or what will be the error after you reach 30 tickets? Initially, they were allowing you to withdraws the money to your crypto account.

      1. Hey Mo, i didn’t have 10,000 to pay them so left it at 29 tickets. Then in a few weeks time i get a message from them that if you cant pay the full 10,000 just pay 1000 and take your original investment of 7000 back. So i foolishly believed them, paid 1000 and was promised the total of 8000 refund. Of course they said oh sorry the system does not want to refund, so pay the full premium and take all of your investment back. Truly playing on the human psychology and pressuring us.

    2. I am also in a similar ship i was contacted by a lady named Celestine from Creative pattnership limited.. long story short on day 3 i started with £300 and had 5 premium tickets.. and put in £5000. Now they are asking for another £6400 to reelase my money… i had been so dumb and stupid…

      1. Hi Every one
        I still have £4800 on Hold and they keep on contacting me to complete the task and withdraw the money.
        The Girl who was involved in my enrollment had deleted all the conversations from the Telegram removed her contact from my Telegram.

  11. I had encounters with them before when they failed to remit all the cryptos for the reviews I completed. On my next encounter, I was able to transfer $17usdt to my account for my first review, thinking I was hooked and wanted me to pay $50usdt deposit to be able to continue. This makes no business sense or logic to continuously put in your own money to be able to work, Complete Scam!!!
    I refused. None of these guys or ladies are able to show you their identities like driving licenses or passports. They operate under the shade and can t even provide a crypto address to refund their $17usdt which I was able to withdraw.

  12. Is there any way we can make Polish or Scotland Yard to read the article? In the name of Cineworld, in the name of Review, they are making people invest and either you will leave with your deposit or make you deposit more and more. We need to make this stop.
    Someone has to contact Cineworld.

    1. In the Facebook account of CINEWORD people mentioned this and their reply was, we are aware of this scam and avoid it. If you google it, you will find it.
      This platform is nothing to do with CINEWORLD, they are just using their name. Is there any cyber police in the UK that we could report this?

      1. We need to send a screenshot to Cineworld because they are damaging the name of Cineworld. make maximum people, company aware. Make your Crypto Banking company aware. I question Skrill, if you were aware of scams from this company in the past why did you not stop transactions? let’s try to drag a maximum number of people, a company in this forum.
        If any of you are still in the Group and getting messages of people mentioning ” I made this profit, that profit” let’s post that screenshot. If any of us still getting.

      2. I reported them to action fraud – crime ref NFRC230-806-096-661
        please cal action fraud – quote this crime ref no. the more everyone reports it then they can hopefully investigate – 0300 123 2040
        take screen shots, contact numbers etc…

  13. Yes, this is indeed a trap and they work very carefully on psychology of human and put time pressure for you to pay and reach the 30 tickets then give you more reason to pay more to release your blocked money in their system. As mentioned above, they have all answers for all your questions that make sense to some extent. The best way would be to ask them to give your their identity card.

    I also lost my money with them as I was too busy with other stuff and did think much at the moment.

    Please post here if there is anyway we could collectively chase this bastards and return our money. At the moments, we only have some UK numbers from them and perhaps some fake names. I am not sure whether police could track them based on these numbers. Do you guys have any idea?

    1. I have raised the scam with my bank and the fraud team are investigating I also think the police is worth a shot I’ve screenshot everything including all numbers in the VIP group

      1. As for me, Action Fraud called me back to let me know that they won’t investigate on my case as they don’t see what they can do; I must just forget my 40k loss. Currently I have moved to another job as I caouldn’t keep on looking after my family and pay back my loans at the same time with my previous salary. All my dream for a house have gone as for now.
        Action Fraud did however oriented me to the Refundee company to deal with the bank to get some refund but the is fighting back as they don’t want to pay and they closed off my bank account, as they were asked a bit less than 50% of the loss. Till now the case is still ongoing.

      2. They were active until January 2024 as far as know but I cannot see the portal after that.
        However they did delete my account since the end of October 2023.

  14. Hi,

    Is anyone here still in that VIP group? They were one of the reason I fell into this trap. How we could prove whether they are fake? They all have numbers and pictures. This might help with investigations.

    1. I am still in the VIP group I’m trying to keep it until my investigation has come to an end but it’s winding me up daily all these people posting there winnings Arwen all just in on it. I even had two different people private message me to make it look legit these people are professionals and it’s what they do as there sickening day job

  15. What was also suspicious was that when i was in the vip group and raised the alarm that this was not right and I was being scammmed, no one in the group came to my support. Instead all I got was if you want to earn big you need to invest big! Not one person asked questions as to why these premium tickets were being issued. Instead everyone was flaunting their earnings and mocking.

  16. Yes, exactly. All the VIP suers are on the same page and want to convince you to finish your 30 tickets and withdraw. I tried to call a few of those numbers which perhaps are indeed real numbers though no one respond.
    Please provide update here if anyone receive any update about these scammers. I hope other people reading these would not fell into this trap.

  17. Does anyone have a complaint number, email, website, or Scotland Yard, to take more seriously or are just talking between us?

    Has any of got money Back from the Bank or Skrill or OKX? let’s share. we all are Victims. Let’s take this to mass media, Face Book, Tiktalk, Instagram.

  18. Can any of this is posted on face Book, Tiktalk to make more awareness? These days people use Tiktalk /Instagram more than and Facebook.

      1. It seems each one of us has a VIP group to mislead us that everyone in the VIP is making money. I had my doubts from the begining because I asked them why you are helping me and spend hours helping so that I can make money, thsi should not be real. Also how can you review movies that you did not watch! I was willing to start and risk it at start and paid the first $300 to see where all this will reach but made a mistake to put another $380 after stopping for few days. They all speak you well, dear and darling, and most if not all are girls and they display their photos but you never know if it is a true photo. After I stopped, their telephone numbers were taken off whatsup. I have searched before starting Google for scam using cineworld but could not find. After pulling out I searched again using different search title to find who scammers they are

  19. I just contacted Skrill which is Crypto Banking and they are aware of this Cineworld scam company. Please kindly register your complaint with whichever Cryptocurrency Bank you were using.

  20. Hi Guys

    Those who have lost more than 5 K contact the bank they are liable for not informing you of the possible fraud and might get a 50% refund. Please register your complain to Action Fraud to make the organisation aware.

    1. Thanks for sharing this. Do you know even if one transfer money from their bank to their own crypto account, this will apply?

    2. I lost 10k!!! I don’t know what to do!! Today I have been kicked out from the vip group! I have my “agent” that borrow my for real 1.5k and she put them in my account! But I still have more the lan 4k and I can’t finish the last ticket! My question is, if I finish the last ticket after I won’t be able to withdraw?? This is what you are saying?
      What can I do now?

      1. How can you put such enormous amount. It is crazy. I lost near to $700 and was too much. I withdrew at $300 but stupidy overcame me and I put after few days additional $400

      2. Hi, sorry to hear that. What happen afterwards? Did you finish the 30 tickets. Why did they remove you from
        The VIP list? Did your agent also blocked you?

  21. I’ve been contacted by this lot too and when I asked for more information they were very sketchy and evasive. ‘Elizabeth’ contacted me from +44 7935 086236 on WhatsApp and pushed me for 3 days to sign up and log in. When I asked her about premium and order costs etc she said “that’s part of a scam, there are people impersonating us and the company is aware and we are trying to fight them”. When I asked her to verify that she wasn’t part of the scam she said that “she was legit but it’s only her word that she has and if I don’t choose to believe her then that’s on me…. She can’t make me believe her”

  22. Yes, they have thought about any question that you might have and have an answer for it… they try to create a doubt even about the above conversation… they are using our lost money in their account to be tempted and put more and more to release them while I assume there will be no release at the end…
    Please share here if anyone could have withdrawn any amount more than 500 USDT after day 5. I am ver curios if there is any example?!!

    1. I reported them to action fraud – crime ref NFRC230-806-096-661
      please cal action fraud – quote this crime ref no. the more everyone reports it then they can hopefully investigate – 0300 123 2040
      take screen shots, contact numbers etc…

  23. I reported them to action fraud – crime ref NFRC230-806-096-661
    please cal action fraud – quote this crime ref no. the more everyone reports it then they can hopefully investigate – 0300 123 2040
    take screen shots, contact numbers etc…

    1. Its a scam where even if you finish it they will keep saying system can’t release the money and that you need to keep going. Do not put a penny more even if they say you can withdraw it in the next round, they are lying. This is not a system, this is manually manipulated hence you will never ever see the money back.

    2. Hi Erica,

      check my input below; I have finished everything in that platform:
      – round of 30 tickets with 6 premiums: 28k stuck on the withdrawal request
      – They requested me multiple time for a total of 22k to release it, but they are still asking more.
      – Now they are even removed me from the VIP807 group because I am just asking how to contact my agent as she doesn’t receive my messages, probably she banned me.

      They are a gang of thives as far as I am concerned. If they loose mind and give my money back, then I will update you as well.

  24. My “agent” Olivia Smith… send to my account 1.5k dollars! Before she offered 6k than after I took £4k loan she said that her bank was been frozen for 1 week… now I’m stuck like this from 1 month, she is keep telling me that she is looking for the money… she even told me that her father had an heart attack! I don’t know what to do anymore!

    1. Mine did the same and told me her Skrill account had been locked even sent me screenshots! It’s all a scam you will not get your money back we have all learnt the hard way….there professionals at what they are doing

  25. Hello Everyone,

    Firstly thank you to all those who posted comments and images.
    I’m sorry to hear that some of you fell victim to these scammers.
    I have just been getting messages via telegram and whatsapp from the following :
    +44 07918812177 | Racheal
    +44 07466246958 | Lucy Wilnson

    Offering jobs working for cineworld

    Thank you to everyone for posting comments and pictures advising of this scam.
    I would probably have fallen victim to this had it not been for all of you.

    Steven Stewart

  26. Hi all, Sorry to hear that you have all been through the same scam. I too got caught, they are very clever, so dont beat yourselves up over it. This is organised crime at its finest!

    Not only are we laundering money for them we give clean money back with interest. I have learnt my lesson, taken my loss firmly on the chin and tried to move on.

    We will never catch them, They are miles ahead of any police force in the world.

    So for me its hats off to them,ive been beaten by a very clever person.

    Take care all.

  27. Thanks everyone for sharing your experience and fraud report here. Please share any update you receive here whether any action has been by the relevant fraud police against these scammers. I hope other people do not get into this scams. Please stay safe everyone.

    1. I’ve not heard back from action fraud. Nationwide blocked my last payment of £1600 but told me as the others were through Coinbase and I would have to go to them. I went to them and they are both awful! Basically said it’s tough luck and they are rude very hard lesson learnt here

      1. Sorry to hear that. Do you think cripto people will return the money?
        I looks impossible to me.

        Such a crazy scam that people who fall into it cannot do anything.

        I am sure they have some psychology knowledge that put you in a very awkward situation.

  28. When i complained to Skrill about Fraud the next day Skrill even closed my account. I wanted to download where money was transferred from my account to pass the information to Action Fraud but the very next day they closed my account. All of them are working as a Group.

    1. They are also commenting and laughing at our comments on here! Skrill crypto and all them wallets will basically tell you it is tough and they cannot reverse it do not complete the tickets so they have more of your money!!

      1. Do not pay ever a penny more, it will disappear and you will obtai nothing. Do not throw your money

  29. I was the fifth person to write in this forum for what is happened to me then my Agent Grace approached that if I removed my comments she will assist me to get my money back, as unlike most of you here I finished my 30 tickets but only the withdrwal that is stuck. I didn’t know that she was planning to get money from me but this time for her own account:
    – I got hit with 6 Premiums in the same set of 30 ticket which got me to $28k to complete them.
    – Then after applying the withdrawal, CS asked for a 20% ($5k+) top up
    – Then another 30% ($8k+) on top of that
    – Then the same amount ($8k+) for data mismatch (I paid all that so far)
    – Then the same amount ($8k+) a 3rd time for a pretended docking issue (but I am ruined already so I haven’t paid it).

    Then My Agent Grace pretended to have escalated the case to the HEADQUARTERS (but it must be scam from my agent Grace), so I got requested as a reduced amount:
    – $2k for a pretended plea
    – Then $1k for withdrawal fees

    Then as liers and thieves do, they pretended “the plea got rejected” after they did accept it and that I have to pay the full $8k+, so $5.5k more.
    – As I don’t have I had to pay the $463 and they will completed the rest to help me; I found only $377 which they pretended fine.

    So long story short, I got $54k loss, my Agent Grace who has betreated me and the platform if it’s true.

    I will be cursing every single of them who has participated on putting my family in this situation. I hope all of them and their family and their children present or future get the same treatment if they don’t give my money back.
    They will need a very strong curse shield against my prayers.

    So if anyone wants eveidence that they have no intention to give your money back if it is consequent enough for them. Of course if they refund my money back, I will praise them as well, just not to pay evil with evil.
    Below is the full story.

  30. On the 29 April 2023, a lady named Grace contacted me via a Whatsapp professional account asking me if I was interested in films and if I was interested in making money by rating films and getting rewards. She guided me to register and the first day I did one round for free that I got $16. Then she suggested that this is a profit platform that needs people to invest then gain profit. so I went to invest the second day I played my 3 round sets and withdraw all, but they didn’t get above $1k. Then the 3rd day I run the first round successfully, then the second round I got for 6 premiums for its own which I didn’t know, but in the stress of getting my money back, focussing on the withdraw with my agent whispering in my ears “you will get all your money back once done!”. She guided me on how to apply for bank loans telling me that I will have 14 days to pay it back so nothing will happen. Being really naive I got into her game and ended up of borrowing 4 loans for a total of £34.5k from banks alone with interests on top of that, then £5k from friends. All that because after finishing the round of 30 tickets for $28k, I apply to withdraw but it got stuck in pending/auditing state, they asked for a 20% ($5k+) top up, another 30% ($8k+) on top, then the same amount for data mismatch (I paid all that so far), then they re-ask the same $8k+ again for docking but the loans have finished and I am ruined myself as my salary goes all to pay bills and loans, I am left on borowing and begging to look after my family and my children.
    After 2 months of struggle, my agent Grace has not find better after all the evil and damages she did to my family rather than pretending having escalated my case to the HEADQUARTERS, but she took care to apply for time off so an agent who named herself Janet replaced her “temporarily” and an “agent from the HEADQUARTERS” who introduced himself:
    “My name is Mr. Smith Vogel. I am contacting you from the head office of Cineworld regarding your account. Your Agent Grace contacted us that you are finding it difficult to clear your premium ticket due to financial difficulties.”
    So Smith pretended that he has to submit a plea but I have to pay the amount of $2k which should release the money within 24 hours. An old man from my community who heard my struggling offered his help.
    Once I paid the money, my agent Grace disapeared offline, maybe baned me or changed or whatsapp account, and Smith told me that the please has been accepted but I need to pay $1k fees for the release.
    I paid the fees, but then he came again that “Hold on. They are requesting the full amount before they release your funds. They want the full 8k”.
    As I don’t have money myself and they refused to refund me back what I paid for that pretended plea, I couldn’t get money from anyone anymore as they are seeing the BIG Scam.
    But still looking at all that money there and my family struggle, I kept fighting. As such Smith accepted from me $377 and that he will help with $5k of his on top of the pre-paid plea of $2k+$1k to make the requested $8k.
    Then after that for a pretended 24h delay, it’s been now 10 days and Smith doesn’t respond depite receiving my requests for an update.
    So I messaged the CS asking about that but the CS told me they don’t know those people, nether the HEADQUARTERS I am talking about. More over CS does not know how to contact the agents if a user lose contact to his agent.
    Then as soon as I asked the VIP807 group for assistance with explaining my issue, I got removed from the group the next minute with no explanation or answer.
    So currently I must beg to pay my children’s school furniture and food despite working and receiving a decent salary.
    $54k loss, my Agent Grace who has betreated me and the platform if it’s true.

    I will be cursing every single of them who has participated on putting my family in this situation. I hope all of them and their family and their children present or future get the same treatment if they don’t give my money back.
    They will need a very strong curse shield against my prayers.

  31. Current text message they are using for German phone numbers:

    Hallo, wir suchen Mitarbeiter für Wochenendjobs
    Erhalten Sie : € 75- 85 € pro Stunde + Vorteile
    Kann ich bitte weitere Details senden?

    1. Never ever. They are bunch of thieves and ruthless with nice looking girls as façade but evils from inside

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