Amazon rebate Mall South Africa

Name of Complainant Nolan Aspden
Date of ComplaintApril 3, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Corruption
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Text of Complaint by Nolan Aspden:

I was looking for extra income. A lady WhatsApp ed me asking my age courier etc. She then told me to register on the site giving me a link. I registered and started with R50. That went fine and I made some money, up until yesterday I requested to pay R500 to make a R1000. Once the lady confirmed the money was in my Rebate mall app, I did 1 Auto grab, then it showed I need to pay more to complete the 2nd task of 8 tasks. Then she assured me only communicating on Telegram that I must pay the R1023, thereafter I will be able to complete my tasks and withdraw. I paid the money and it took hours for her to confirm. Once she confirmed, I went back into my account and pressed auto grab once. Again I was short money to complete the task. Then I had to pay R2010 which I had to borrow. Now I pressed Auto grab again with 3 tasks left. Again it wants me to pay in over 4000. I used my grocery money. I want my money back please

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Amazon rebate Mall South Africa

2 thoughts on “Amazon rebate Mall South Africa

  1. I started the Amazon rebate yesterday as I continued to grab it led me to a product worth 8000 and my balance was 4000 after depositing almost 2000 ,now they don’t want to pay me back my money. Please I want my money back this money i borrowed so I can’t loose it otherwise I’m taking this case to my lawyer and everywhere else it needs to be reported this Amazon thing it’s a scam and it must be terminated in South Africa

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