Amazon rebate mall

Name of Complainant Linkie
Date of ComplaintApril 5, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Linkie:

I got an SMS from some lady working at Amazon offering me an opportunity to make an extra income, the SMS had a whatsapp number on it and I texted the number then we started talking they asked me my name, age, and my previous job…from there they sent me a link to sign up so that I can oder and make money,they then referred me to another person who is the tutor on telegram …we spoke further and he guided me through the process of making money, I then got the R58 and the next step was that they showed me options of money I can pay to get the money doubled it started at a smaller amount of R50 to R500,I then chose R200 then I got 3 orders and I was demand an amount Close to R200 to complete the order, I finished the order and I got R500 ,from there I was referred to another tutor who also showed me big option of making money,I then chose to R500, I got 8 orders and during the ordering I was demanded a lot of money till I got to the 4th order where they demanded R2032 which I wasn’t able to deposit and I wanted to withdraw the money that was in my mall rebate account and unfortunately it cant be withdrawn coz apparently I have to finish the remaining 4 orders…I wish I could get my money back. Can someone please assist

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Amazon rebate mall

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