Aditya Money Doubling Scam through Telegram

Name of Complainant Boopathy Sreedharan
Date of ComplaintJanuary 30, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Investments
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Text of Complaint by Boopathy Sreedharan:

I have paid Rs.3000 to the person name Padmasinha VijayaKumar Patil – Aaadhar card number (4841 5152 3547) and his mobile number is 9351268967. This person first said in 30 minutes i will get the money doubled. but after that he was asking to pay Rs.5000/- and after that he asked to pay Successful Recharge Money of Rs.12700/- and after to that again of GST amount Rs.9700/. when i fought with him to give my money back, this guy again asked for a late fee of Rs.5200/- so that all my money will be given back. I have totally paid Rs.44000/- but after the payment this guy blocked me and did not lift my calls too. But while I fought with him he has shared his Aadhar card to make me believe that he is real and not fake(I have enclosed his aadhar card).

The UPI id’s which he has given me to share the amount are listed below:

7030614463@paytm – Name: Subhast Jagannath Agiwale
8369359197@paytm – Name: Pardesh Ram Taral

Kindly look into the issue and help me out to get my lost money Rs.44000/-



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22 thoughts on “Aditya Money Doubling Scam through Telegram

    1. Bro, this guy have done the same with me and share his aadhar card . I think we should go to this address mentioned in his aadhar card

    2. I lost 1.5lacs today morning. Looks like no one can catch these guys. I can go to any extent to catch these guys.

  1. 11/03/2023
    Dear Boopathy Sreedharan,
    Today I don’t know how to my no. Add in ‘Bitcoin trading money duble’ telegram channel. When I see in this group there was many more screenshot available who get money double by investing upto rs 3000/-.
    I DM to @Vijay_bhai66 then he chat with me like same here mention you.
    I searching with his name on Google, I found your complaint. I’m asking about you, he ignore that.
    Thanks for written your complaint here.

  2. Same thing has happened with me.He shared his aadhar photo.
    He first asked for 2k,then extra 5k,then 8k for account verification and now asking for 6k as manager’s commission

  3. Hi, This is same happened with me. I paid 1,00000 first then 49999 then 27000 the 38000rd for GST. He shows fake adhhar and PAN. He runs channel Bigbullbanknifty_33 may be there are many more channels he is running. Best is creat youtube video , Twit, pub a blog to bring awareness. I gone do same with the intension to saving some victims from loosing hard earn money. Are there any more way we can ut ahead claims against these evil minded people?

  4. Hi, This is same happened with me. I paid 3000 first then 5000then 7800 then 9999 for GST. Then 17570 accound update totel amount i paid 43369 he is note send me and again ask money 6000 but i am not paid He shows fake adhhar and PAN. He did not send my money

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