Harrassment by amazon customer service .

Name of Complainant Prem kumar
Date of ComplaintNovember 9, 2019
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Category of complaint E-Com & Retail
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Text of Complaint by Prem kumar:

I purchased a product from amazon and paid the amount by cash on delivery but the product was not up to mu expectation so i returned the product and amazon customer service representative refunded my amount in amazon pay balance in form of gift card then i decided to buy another product of similer type but more expensive one . In order to use my amazon pay balance this time the product amount was 849rs and i had 649rs in amazon pay balance which was from the last peoduct .
So i made a payment of 200rs from my debit card and made the full payment using amazon pay balance and debit card . Now the product i recieved was incomplete there was an item missing in my product . I called the customer service they said we will replace your order and scheduled a replacement . At the day of replacement the product i recieved was having same issue i’e missing item and this time quality of product is poor . Basically its a travelling rucksack bag uswd for trakkeing but the one i recieved was having defects like broken threads and broken stitches with missing item i’e a bag cover for rain protection .

The worst part is that amazon is selling the same bag for 749rs which is 100rs less than what i paid i’e 849rs .

When i called amazon for the isaue with the bag they refused to initiate the pick up of this defected product and theu said i have to send the product through courier . I agreed to that but now they gave me a list of formalities to complete the process . Amazon sent a mail with some labels and they asked me to take out the peint of those label and put a few of them in the pack of product and stick one outside the pack .

I was not able to download those label as amazon had issues with their application due to which i was not able to download the label .

I called the customer service and they clearly denied to help me with anything .

I have faced so many isaues with amazon lately andthey have stopped giving a propper customer service .

Their representative misbehaved with me and said that i am.not going to get any refund till next month .

They refused to help me and instead of that they misbehaved and dwnied to help.

I have to go out of town on 14th of this month and i have said that to every customer service representative but none of them considered that .

After insisting soo much they said they will pick up the product from a different address near my original address . I don’t know the reaaon . But they said they will initiate the pick up om 12th of this month .

I requested them to make it as early as possible but they refused on that .

I have to go out of town on 14th . If they will pick the product on 12th then how am i supposed to make a new order and get it before 14th and whats the surety that i will recieve a propper product .

My concern is that . Why do they refund my cash money in amazon gift card which is of no use for me or anyone .

Why do i have to pay extra for a product which is available for low price on the same site . Amazon charged 849rs from me and now they have the same product for 749rs .

Why there is no customer service provided by amazon .

They want customer to do their service .

This is frustrating and annoying . And the way amazon customer service representative misbehave is extrely bad they literally harrass a customer .

They are misusing their rights and showing unprofessional behaviour towards customer .

Their representative are not ready to listen to the customer and by the end of the conversation they stick on their words of not helping in any ways .

Iwant this complaint to go further and a propper auditing of customer service comolaints should be made . Amazon is doing some dangerous frauds in indian market which is harrassing the people . I am a prime member of amazon but getting no benifit of paying for the mwmbership .

Please help me and take some serious action against amazon .

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Harrassment by amazon customer service .

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