Custom India shop Telegram Fraud

Name of Complainant Ashish Kumar sahu
Date of ComplaintMay 17, 2020
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Cyber Crime
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Text of Complaint by Ashish Kumar sahu:

Indian custom shop is Fraud channel on telegram and they are cheating with people and looting money of innocent people. Mr Prasad Rao who is handling this channel (may be he is) introducing him as custom office and working under B . Bhattacharya (who is chief commissioner in custom department at Mumbai). He is misused his name and cheated people. Plz take action against him.
Bhai Koi bhi pasia tansfeer na karo bahut Bada Ford hpata nai kitnano ko lot liya

Image Uploaded by Ashish Kumar sahu:

Custom India shop Telegram Fraud

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5 thoughts on “Custom India shop Telegram Fraud

  1. I too had transferred him 3000 on 25.07.2020
    No response from him till date and he block us. If you come across his screen shots after receiving the money, more than 3 hours he gives the link to that person. And the replies of the screen shots will be funny. Bloody, you are not answering after you receive money but you reply a person who ask How are you? !

    Telegram is such an app you cannot know you had blocked unlike WhatsApp. That is the reason they all use Telegram App.

  2. Same happened to me
    I am his fresh victim
    Please take some action against him.

    His telegram channel name is:
    Indian Customs Shop

    Here is his accounts details where he asks for money:-

    We Accept Payment By 👇👇

    Paytm:- 8348205109

    Phonepe— 8348205109

    Upi :- 8348205109@YBL Use This For GooglePay

    Bank Details Here👇👇

    Here’s my Paytm Payments Bank Account details:
    Name:- YUSUF MIAH
    Account No. 918348205109
    IFSC Code PYTM0123456

    👇👇 and this as well:-

    Paytm:- 8348990179

    Phonepe— 8348990179

    GooglePay:- 8348990179

    Upi :- 8348990179@YBL

    Bank Details Here👇👇

    Here’s my Paytm Payments Bank Account details:
    Name:- abdul Bakkar
    Account No. 918348990179
    IFSC Code PYTM0123456

    Please ask paytm to block these accounts and trace the money. Then he can get traced as well..


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