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procedure to file consumer complaints in court & forum

This Forum has been set up to enable consumers to lodge complaints against sellers of goods and service providers.

The Consumer Protection Act 1986 has strict laws to punish sellers and service providers who provide poor quality and deficient goods and services.

The procedure prescribed by the Consumer Protection Act 1986 enables consumers to easily file complaints in the forum and receive speedy justice under the law.

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(i) What is the law on consumer complaints in India?

(ii) How many consumer courts / forum are available in India?

(iii) Where are the offices of the consumer courts / forum located?

(iv) What is the qualification of judges of the consumer courts / forum?

(v) What type of goods and services are covered by the Consumer Protection Act, 1986?

(vi) How are proceedings in the consumer court/ forum conducted?

(viii) What is the role of consumer courts?

(ix) Where to file consumer complaints?

(x) What is the address and toll-free number of the consumer court forums?

(xi) CVC Circular On How To Complain Against Corruption

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Guide To File Consumer Complaints In Consumer Forum Without Lawyer

(i) How to file a Case in a Consumer court?
(ii) How to collect and record Evidence to win Consumer Case
(iii) Consumer Notice Format
(iv) Consumer Court Complaint Format
(iv) Territorial Jurisdiction & Pecuniary Jurisdiction
(v) Time Limitation for filing a consumer complaint
(v) Court Fees payable for consumer complaint in consumer forum
(v) How to execute order of consumer court
(vi) Working Hours/ Hearing Hours of Consumer Court
(vii) How many sets of complaint to be submitted to consumer court?
(viii) How to seek adjournment and how to oppose adjournment by opposite part?
(ix) How to obtain certified copy of order of Consumer Court?